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To all of our friends,

Charlie and I have changed the domain name of our website and it is now a bit more like the address of our blog. 

Our new website URL is www.Barbara-Whitfield.com.

On that website, you will find our books and other information directly related to us and our work. 

We are keeping this blog that you are now reading, as well, and it's URL will remain the same.

We enjoy hearing from all of you!

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Barbara and Charlie

A New Book Taking Us Through The Journey of a Victim Who Had an NDE and Became a Thriver

We recommend this book to all of our patients

This is the review we just put up on Amazon for an easy read that takes us though The Heroines Journey. It is well worth the read.
"Through Heaven’s Gate and Back speaks to all of us that have been abused as children.  Lee Thornton’s descriptions of the aftereffects of repeated trauma are not only true but explained in a way that the reader can take in. Her profound Near- Death Experience (NDE) and the subsequent aftereffects are also clear, heart felt and well written. She is definitely gifted in the way she expresses herself. And, it is rare to find a book so well written that has child sexual abuse and a life altering NDE under one cover.

We definitely recommend this book to our patients."

Charles L. Whitfield, MD 
Author of Healing the Child Within and Memory and Abuse

Barbara H. Whitfield, RT
Author of Spiritual Awakenings and The Natural Soul




Watch a video of Barbara telling her story of reuniting with her grandmother during an NDE

Click to watch a short video of Barbara telling her story of
reuniting with her grandmother during an NDE.

If you have trouble seeing the video, click this link:
Barbara tells her story of reuniting with her grandmother during an NDE

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Barbara Will Be Presenting at The Following Conference

Universal Hall @ Findhorn
We Do Not Die.

A Conference on
Expanding Consciousness Through Near-Death and Other Mystical Experiences

Perhaps this life is just one perfect pearl on an endless and eternal necklace...

Special Event
26–29 September 2015

Fear and suffering is a common human experience no matter what our personal background, religion or spiritual practice. Where youth, beauty and success are valued above all else, such as in the materialistic culture found in today’s Western society, existential fears are driven below the surface.
Consumerism, addictions and obsessions become the coping mechanisms. Ancient and aboriginal peoples, however, had rituals to address and integrate the fear, meaning and understanding of death. For us today, the direct information brought back from people who have had near-death and out-of-body experiences can and does have an immediate impact on our lives. We are confronted with a new perspective from which to view our:
  • fear and suffering
  • purpose on a soul level
  • reason for our life's direction and relationships
  • self-worth and the worth of our existence
Don't Miss Barbara's Presentation!

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We Do Not Die Conference at Findhorn

Barbara Telling Her NDE Story

See and Hear Barbara Telling Her NDE Story...


Barbara tells her story of her NDE and relates her experiences with Kenneth Ring, author of "Heading Toward Omega," the book mentioned below.


A Reader Comments...

"I have been a life-long seeker of answers (I'm in my 50s - but feel 18) and have always been influenced by Barbara's story. I still have my 1985 copy of 'Heading Toward Omega' and over the decades have referenced and re-read Barbara's part and marveled at what pure knowledge is contained in it. So I'd like to say "thank you' Barbara, for so bravely providing your truth to us all. Originally I wanted to contact you two to see whether or not the 'Omega' account was published to Barbara's satisfaction. Oftentimes in publishing and media people are misquoted or mis-represented and the public finds out much later that popular common knowledge of high-profile folks is sometimes practically mythical. But browsing your website I can see I have no need to ask this question! 

"Barbara, you and Charles have done wonderful things with your lives, and your truth has been presented in so many ways that there can be little doubt as to where you are coming from..... In any case - I just wanted to say I admire you guys, and am genuinely grateful that you welcome emails from those of us who have benefited from your lives and your efforts."

  • Thanks again

  • ANNOUNCING: NEW Updated & Expanded 2nd Edition Moody Blues Book!

    Timeless Troubadours: The Moody Blues' Music & Message UPDATED and EXPANDED Edition

    Due to the overwhelmingly positive (and sometimes painfully honest) responses by you, our readers, we’re proud to announce the release of the Revised and Updated 2nd Edition of our book the Amazon Best-Seller Timeless Troubadours: The Moody Blues’ Music and Message.   We want to say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to the many readers who care enough about the band, their music, and this book about them, to share their insights, correct a few inaccuracies and request that we expand to book’s scope to more fully cover the music of this brilliant band.  

    Introduction to the NEW Updated
    Expanded Edition

    With the feedback from our readers we expanded our first edition’s content. We have fixed the few errors and rare factual inaccuracies we had found.
    Several readers asked that we look at and make meaning about more of their songs. We have done that with three (see next page): ‘Question,’ ‘New Horizons,’ and ‘I’m just a singer’ (in a R&R band).
    Just after completing this book we went on their first “Moodies Cruise” and now include a summary of our experience there. We obtained the new Timeless Flight box set that was released three months after this book and listened to the CDs and watched its DVD video material. We also read their extensive accompanying “coffee table” sized book. We have read the many online comments on this box set and have included a relevant few of them in our 7 page review of this large box set.
    Some readers commented on our interpretations of the Moodies’ lyrics as not being the final word, which we had already acknowledged. We have always been open to others’ interpretations and even set up a website for readers to add theirs. We had never proposed that ours were the only understandings. We have also reflected on the lyrics the way they fit into our long experience helping people heal and healing ourselves. There is a great gift to knowing the Moodies’ message.

    Songs We Analyze
    To make for easier reading in this 2nd edition, in the table below we list the 39 songs and two poems that we analyze here and the pages to find each. We still refer to many of these and some of their other songs elsewhere throughout this book.    
    Chapter               Song Title
    Have You Heard 1, The Voyage, HYH 2

    from DoFP:  8 songs, 2 spoken poems: The Day Begins, Dawn is a Feeling, Morning: Another Morning, Peak Hour, Tuesday Afternoon, Evening: Time to Get Away, The Sunset, Twilight Time, Nights in White Satin, Late Lament

    to 20
    Out and In
    Eyes of a Child 1, Floating, Eyes of a Child 2
    Gypsy,   Lost in a Lost World
    And the Tide Rushes In,  You and Me
    The Voice,  No More Lies
    Say What you Mean 
    The Candle of Life
    The Land of Make Believe
    Say It with Love
    My Song 
    Lovely to See You

    Appendix    The Story in Your Eyes

                          One More Time to Live

                          English Sunset

                          Watching and Waiting

                          A Simple Game

                          The Actor

                          Legend of a Mind

    3 added        Question   

     In 2nd          New Horizons

     Edition         I’m Just a Singer (in a R&R Band)

    A Reader Comments...

    Dear Barbara,
    Hello. My name is AJ, a 43 year old Muslim male, living in Manchester, UK.
    I have read many books in my life, looking for God. In a single stroke of genius, Dr Whitfield's book 'Healing the Child Within' led me to God.  Recovery from Codependency is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I still have a long way to go, but CoDA cut short the long way round to God. Dr Whitfield's writings are almost Islamic sacred scripts from my perspective because of its free and universally appealing teaching.  No need to persuade or control or manipulate but just freely explaining away a universal truth, a spirituality.  The truth cannot be hidden and does not belong to any one religion or creed, it is free from such restrictions and sits above all else.
    I just wanted to say 'Thank you'.  Thank you for all your efforts.  Even a few of us Muslims who are in major inner upheaval right now, appreciate you.  I would go as far as saying that if the Islamic world could read and understand co-dependency recovery, most of the conflicts and misunderstandings would be much resolved or eased.
    I consider Dr Whitfield my Sufi master on my path to enlightenment and I would like to thank him for his work and his efforts. May God keep you and preserve you....
    ps. If you are ever in the UK, please do pop up to Manchester for a coffee and a chat.

    New Book Announcement!

    Announcing A New Book!

    Another F*ing Growth Experience: 
    A Guide to Self-Awareness and Change

    Co-written by Barbara Harris Whitfield and Sharon Cormier.

    Endorsed by Bruce Greyson, MD, Carlson Professor of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia Medical School and Kenneth Ring, PhD, Professor Emeritus at University of Connecticut, Author of Lessons From The Light.  Foreword by Charles Whitfield, MD.

    Click the link below to buy this new book!


    BREAKING NEWS! Its Already A Bestseller!


    Timeless Troubadours: The Moody Blues Music and Message

    has been in publication for two weeks and it is already an Amazon Bestseller!

    This book is a hit with fans of the Moody Blues of all ages and brings meaning and enjoyment to every reader and Moody Blues listener.  Not only are books selling hot, but so is the Kindle edition!

    Here's what they are saying about this landmark book:

    "Both the Whitfields and The Moody Blues understand [the values of love] and express it in a way that makes this book a tremendous contribution to help the mess we are in as a society."

    "It's great to see a revival of their work in a book form by two great authors."

    "I recommend this book and music to anyone who is:
    1) A die hard Moody Blues fan
    2) Interested in healing, mysticism, raising consciousness, or spirituality
    3) Is a music lover and wants to explore any of these realms.
    I just plain recommend it."

    "I rediscovered the beauty of their music by listening to it as I read their interpretations. It's a great reminder of what the 60s and 70s were all about."

    "This is The Definitive writing on The Moody Blues."

    "I love this book but I was mesmerized by the section on "Their Sound" and Mike Pinder's magical instrument, the Mellotron.  It was like he had an orchestra at his fingertips!

    Find out for yourself why this insightful and enjoyable book has become so popular!

    Click the links on the left to learn more about the Paperback and Kindle editions of this landmark book!


    A Word About Our Book From Mike Pinder of The Moody Blues

    From the Foreword by
    Moody Blues co-founder, keyboardist and vocalist Mike Pinder...

    "It was very interesting to read Charles and Barbara Whitfield's interpretations of our music and message.

    They suggest clear and useful ideas and ways for those who are newly exploring our music and for the many who have been on this journey with us from the beginning. 

    I have always been interested in the broader qualities of music to inform, heal, raise consciousness and uplift. This was often on my mind when I wrote a song or painted the backdrop for others in the band with counter melodies and my Mellotron. 

    In contrast to most observers of our music, I saw how the authors here delve below the surface and give us an enjoyable interpretation of our words and music. They examine essentially their every aspect. Not only do they address our lyrics from a scholarly and poetic perspective, but they offer us some insightful and sometimes surprising interpretations of them beyond what many listeners and fans may consider.

    Music has changed our world.  It has the potential for reaching within, opening our minds and our hearts to the power of Universal Love. It transforms, strengthens, relaxes, teaches and enlightens us.

    The Whitfields realize these truths and give us a strong base from which to experientially understand them. They integrate the many positive messages of our words and music by giving us a clear and constructive map of healing that is on the cutting edge of psychology, consciousness studies and spirituality.

    Memories are also closely associated with music. I have always thought that we hang our memories on the shape of sound. With memorable melodies, counter melodies and instrumentation we were able to create soundscapes for many to hang the best memories of their lives. 

    Those of us who remember the 1960s and beyond will appreciate their attention to the detail of our works and the history of how it all came about.

    They show us how the Moodies have expressed, preserved and continue to remind us of the message and wisdom of the 60s by keeping it so alive. And how there was a natural spirituality that still lives in all of us and that is manifested in our descriptions of Love."

    - Mike Pinder   March 2013

    Timeless Troubadours

    The Moody Blues’

    Music and Message

    is published by
    Muse House Press

    Learn more!
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