An Excerpt From Barbara's Book, The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana


“Sometimes just after one puff, patients’ pain scores will drop by something like 70 to 80%.”
Sunil Aggarwal MD, PhD 15

My first position in health care was in a hospital as a respiratory therapist in 1979. I was 36 and then went on to do home care for the dying. During this time I was published in nursing and respiratory care journals on a subject I coined as “The Emotional Needs of Critical Care Patients.” I was asked to teach on this subject at Nursing conferences and hospitals. Finally, I became a full time psychiatric researcher in the medical school at the University of Connecticut, a position I held for six years. I got to see and know how the system works.
The past medical model as I have understood and observed it, tends to elevate the opinion of the physician (the expert) automatically putting the patient in a passive role. The patient is forced into “behaving” so they can fulfill expectations.
I sadly observed psychiatry stop doing and teaching psychotherapy and instead suppressing symptoms with drugs and sometimes ECT (electro convulsive [shock] treatment). In concert with the pharmaceutical industry there has been a profitable alliance between physicians and drug companies that has blurred all boundaries. “Big Pharma” has infiltrated scholarly medical journals, medical conventions, and medical schools. The results continue to suppress any investigation of both 1) what symptoms mean and 2) how to help the patient find a new balance, or homeostasis, which “Holistic Health” calls for in body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, I have also observed many physicians accept this paradigm of suppressing symptoms with drugs as their norm and not trying to go deeper. They find a suitable name (a “diagnosis” or more accurately a label) for people’s problems, try to suppress their symptoms with drugs and believe their job is finished.
Reviewing what I just wrote above, I am still writing about the emotional needs of patients here in this book.

15 The Future Of Marijuana In Clinical Practice: Q&A with Dr. Sunil Aggarwal future-marijuana-clinical-practice

From Harris B  The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana, page 41

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