The Secrets of Medical Marijuana
A Guide for Patients and Those Who Care For them

By Barbara Harris RT, CMT

Description: This book has three related tracks:
1) For the patient who is interested in using medicinal marijuana to increase their appetite, decrease worry and stress, decrease withdrawal from opiates and other drugs, sleep better and more.

2) For the prescribing clinician and patient there is a thorough review of the clinical and prescribing information throughout this book’s body and rich Appendix -- and,

3) For the patient who not only may want any of these but who also wants to go deeper and see if there are any unrecognized issues that may be generating a physical problem or difficulties in their relationships with self, others and the God of their understanding.

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As a British psychiatrist, I enjoyed reading this new book.

I believe it will become an important bible for clinicians who may prescribe Medicinal Marijuana.

I was impressed by how well you balanced the scientific issues alongside personal reflections and the latest evidence-based clinical approaches to illnesses that can benefit from Medicinal Marijuana.

Ben Sessa MBBS (MD), B Sc, MRC Psych
Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacology Senior Research Fellow,
Cardiff University Medical School, Wales, UK

I like the fact that in this book you’re recommending marijuana not as just an anti-anxiety medication, but as a vehicle to help explore the underlying issues.

Bruce Greyson MD
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Virginia
School of Medicine


Barbara Harris provides an excellent resource that cuts through old myths and misinformation to give the reader her well-informed considerations for exploring the new world of medicinal marijuana use.

With the increasing number of states and countries legalizing marijuana for medicinal use comes the urgent need for reliable information and guidance on the positive uses of marijuana and the dangers as well.

Barbara writes from her personal and professional experience, generously sharing her great wisdom distilled from a lifetime of experience.
This is a great book for anyone interested in marijuana use, not abuse.

Lawrence Edwards PhD
Author of The Soul’s Journey

Please note that this book is not a book about abusing medicinal marijuana, or marijuana in general.  It’s not a book about “getting high.”  It was written with data-based and peer reviewed evidence specifically for those who use medicinal marijuana as an adjunct for the treatment of conditions for which it has been indicated and expands and clarifies information about the non-psychoactive properties of CBD (cannabidiol) which are also used for a growing number of problems and conditions.


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Anonymous said...

I work for a company that is drug free and live in a state where this is not a legal treatment. After reading this book it sure has opened my eyes as to the endless possibilities and effects that legalizing could have on so many that suffer endless years of pain, seizures, etc.

As with all drugs in a controlled and monitored environment this can offer relief without the side effects that we see today from the heavy narcotics being used but so many patients.

If only for the knowledge, I strongly recommend this book!

Skip Young