Book Review Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana by Culture Magazine Staff

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Aug. 5, 2015 03:42
The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana: A Guide for Patients & Those Who Care for Them
"Written for both the patient and doctor, Barbara Harris created a thorough guide to using cannabis medically, explaining how it works, how it can help to improve lives. The confusing aspects of the current medical cannabis industry, perceptions and stigmas. Then is a plethora of firsthand experiences, stories and studies to help us not only understand the plant, but to actually read details about doing amazing things for people. Harris finds an approachable way of exploring and explaining cannabis for the patient, the caregiver and for interested parties looking to learn. A captivating and well-written must-have book for any cannasseur."
A Book Review by Culture Magazine.
Here at CULTURE, our mission is to inform and entertain readers with the latest news and lifestyle trends of America's medical cannabis culture. You'll meet the people and discover the organizations on the front lines of the battle for sensible drug policy. You'll learn about the products and services at the heart of our industry.
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Rose Maria said...

There are no health benefits, but it is used for cancer patients to relieve the pain and keep them calm and relaxed

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