Barbara Will Be Presenting at The Following Conference

Universal Hall @ Findhorn
We Do Not Die.

A Conference on
Expanding Consciousness Through Near-Death and Other Mystical Experiences

Perhaps this life is just one perfect pearl on an endless and eternal necklace...

Special Event
26–29 September 2015

Fear and suffering is a common human experience no matter what our personal background, religion or spiritual practice. Where youth, beauty and success are valued above all else, such as in the materialistic culture found in today’s Western society, existential fears are driven below the surface.
Consumerism, addictions and obsessions become the coping mechanisms. Ancient and aboriginal peoples, however, had rituals to address and integrate the fear, meaning and understanding of death. For us today, the direct information brought back from people who have had near-death and out-of-body experiences can and does have an immediate impact on our lives. We are confronted with a new perspective from which to view our:
  • fear and suffering
  • purpose on a soul level
  • reason for our life's direction and relationships
  • self-worth and the worth of our existence
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We Do Not Die Conference at Findhorn

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