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"I have been a life-long seeker of answers (I'm in my 50s - but feel 18) and have always been influenced by Barbara's story. I still have my 1985 copy of 'Heading Toward Omega' and over the decades have referenced and re-read Barbara's part and marveled at what pure knowledge is contained in it. So I'd like to say "thank you' Barbara, for so bravely providing your truth to us all. Originally I wanted to contact you two to see whether or not the 'Omega' account was published to Barbara's satisfaction. Oftentimes in publishing and media people are misquoted or mis-represented and the public finds out much later that popular common knowledge of high-profile folks is sometimes practically mythical. But browsing your website I can see I have no need to ask this question! 

"Barbara, you and Charles have done wonderful things with your lives, and your truth has been presented in so many ways that there can be little doubt as to where you are coming from..... In any case - I just wanted to say I admire you guys, and am genuinely grateful that you welcome emails from those of us who have benefited from your lives and your efforts."

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