Barbara On Practice: Hands-On Healing Meditation

This type of hands-on energy work is easy to use with people making their transition. The one receiving the energy lies down and is usually covered with a light blanket.  Other members of the family, friends or health care team (whom the receiver feels are “safe”) gather around and sit with their hands gently and lightly touching the receiver.  Before we begin, I always say a prayer to connect and unite us all in what we are asking to do. I say something like, “Dear God (or Dear Holy Mother, or whatever my patient feels most comfortable with), please may we be instruments of your healing energy and your Oneness.  Please help us to get our egos out of the way so You may come through.”

This works with one person as an instrument, or as many as six.  The main principle is that the people that are doing the hands-on-healing feel safe to the patient receiving the energy.  I have worked with children as young as three in a healing circle, and adults as old as 90 who may be dying themselves.  In one such case, when we had finished the first healing, we covered that patient, and then a 90-year-old laid down on the floor a few feet away, and we repeated the healing on her.  Then something extraordinary happened. One of the people helping with these two hands-on healings was an eight-year-old girl who was also in the family.  She was suffering from repeated stomach aches and asked if she could be helped.  We then did a healing on her. Her mother called me a few weeks later to tell me that she was going through a painful divorce and since it had started, her little girl had stomach pain to the point where they had taken her to a medical specialist for tests.  The tests were normal.  And, since we did the healings that day her daughter has been pain free.  This mother was in school to become an acupuncturist and after experiencing that day with the healings she now believed more than ever in energy work.

It doesn’t matter if the people giving the healing believe in all this.  All that matters is that they have the intention of wanting to help.  Many times the person receiving healing tells me afterwards that their pain medication is now working or they no longer feel they need it.  Their coloring improves, they feel more relaxed and they feel loved.

Hands-on-healing can be done twice a day, or more, if the patient requests it.  The givers have often told me that they calmed down from the experience.  It not only helped their bodies to relax, it also helped their hearts to know that they were giving “something” to the person in need.  This is especially important for loved ones who may have been afraid to touch the patient for fear of hurting them.  This gives them a safe way to express themselves that bypasses words.

Whether the patient is going to get better or is going to die doesn’t matter in these hands-on circles.  We are not looking for a “cure.”  We are looking for a sharing that brings comfort to the receiver, and usually spills over into the givers.
We do this together for about 20 minutes.  It feels like a meditation.  We clear our minds and sit in a peaceful way, placing our hands gently on the patient and sharing a current of Energy that envelops all of us.  We naturally come out of it within 20 minutes or so, feeling more relaxed and at the same time energized, because the energy we shared didn’t come from us but through us.

We close this healing circle with a prayer of gratitude: “Dear God, Dear Spirit, thank you for allowing us to be instruments of your healing Energy.  Thank you for allowing us to feel your Oneness.  Amen”


From The Natural Soul by Barbara Harris Whitfield 2009

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Richard said...

In the article above Barb uses the phrase, "We are not looking for a “cure.” We are looking for a sharing that brings comfort to the receiver..." This struck a note with something I experienced recently. I sat down to give energy to a young family whose difficulties stem from the father's dis-ease. It was a heart wrenching scenario and my desire was to bring relief to the father and thereby to the family. The moment I began I was met by a powerful 'NO' that stopped me in my tracks. Then it was gone. Being unsure of whether I had imagined it or not I cautiously began again and was met with another gentle, but still very definite, 'no'.

Tom Sawyer had talked about this sort of thing many times but this was my first experience of it. I listened. However, since the situation was still difficult for me to accept, I searched for something I could still do. I found that if I prayed straight upward to God, rather than toward the father and family, I would meet no warnings.

This has caused a substantial difference in my approach to prayer. I now listen quietly, internally, as subtly as I can, to what might best be done in a given scenario before proceeding. I might apply my prayer directly toward the person or situation, if that's what feels appropriate. Or I may pray for them to come to more of the spiritual fullness that a difficulty can offer, the completion of a lesson so to speak.

Richard said...

Along with the previous comment I would like to add that I have learned to ask for the guidance, the knowing, the listening ability to discern appropriate actions. I ask for wisdom. Thank you.