Barbara Defines: Entrainment

Science tells us in the First Law of Thermodynamics that energy doesn’t dissipate; it transforms.

When a person gets ready for their transition, as their physical body becomes weaker, their bio-energy weakens.  At the same time, their Spiritual energy strengthens.  For days or weeks before they leave, they are transforming, taking the energy from their physical body and moving it to their Spiritual energy/body.  The increasing strength of their Spiritual energy entrains us — the caregivers that are the closest, and sometimes even the next tier out of close people — into the same space.  We move into the Spiritual vibration of the dying person.

This process is called “entrainment.”  Perhaps entrainment is best explained by the example of tuning forks or clocks.  When one tuning fork is struck and starts vibrating, other tuning forks nearby will also begin to vibrate.  If you have several clocks with pendulums in a room and you start all the pendulums swinging at different times, when you later return to the room, all the pendulums will be swinging in sync.

When we sit in an audience and listen to a compelling speaker, we become entrained.  The speaker holds us with their content and delivery.  The same thing happens at a musical concert.  Then at the end, when we applaud, we break the entrainment and leave as our single self again.

We, the transition team, family members and caregivers may find ourselves entrained during the dying process to the extent that we go through the beginning of the journey with the dying person. Sherry’s husband, her best friend and I experienced the Spiritual peace that Sherry was feeling.  As her energy became less physical and more Spiritual, the power of her Spirit entrained us.  When Sherry’s husband and I sat up all night watching her breathe, we soon were breathing in the same pattern she was.  We were experiencing entrainment.  We were fortunate to experience this state for the entire weekend.  Her husband said he continued to experience it for several days after.

Others attending a death often become aware of entrainment, and sometimes even of a Spiritual Presence, moving into the experience of helping someone to let go and transition.  We are able to talk about it, to share our feelings and to get a sense of relief for the time being.  We know painful grieving may happen afterwards, but for now, there is a strong sense of timelessness and eternity that insulates us from worrying about later grieving.  I reassure those that are experiencing this for the first time that this is all right, and I tell them I have written books, below, that explain the experiences and the processes.

I discuss this in more depth in my book, The Natural Soul.

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