Flipping Between Ego and Soul

The ego suffers
By resisting pain.

The Soul learns
By metabolizing it.

The ego believes It will die.

The Soul knows
It returns to another reality.

The ego ages in linear time;
The Soul becomes radiant Here, in Eternal time.

The ego is isolated and
Feels alone.

The Soul knows it is part
Of something much Bigger.

The ego lives stressed.
The Soul relaxes into life.

The ego is addicted to drama.
The Soul lives with peace of mind.

The ego believes enlightenment
Is not real.
The Soul knows that a new enlightenment
Comes with each resolution
Of each problem that life brings us.

The ego suffers.
The Soul celebrates.

Ego and Soul have one thing in common:

When they are in action
They grow more of themselves.

It’s our choice Every single time.

©Barbara Harris Whitfield 2009


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