BREAKING NEWS! Its Already A Bestseller!


Timeless Troubadours: The Moody Blues Music and Message

has been in publication for two weeks and it is already an Amazon Bestseller!

This book is a hit with fans of the Moody Blues of all ages and brings meaning and enjoyment to every reader and Moody Blues listener.  Not only are books selling hot, but so is the Kindle edition!

Here's what they are saying about this landmark book:

"Both the Whitfields and The Moody Blues understand [the values of love] and express it in a way that makes this book a tremendous contribution to help the mess we are in as a society."

"It's great to see a revival of their work in a book form by two great authors."

"I recommend this book and music to anyone who is:
1) A die hard Moody Blues fan
2) Interested in healing, mysticism, raising consciousness, or spirituality
3) Is a music lover and wants to explore any of these realms.
I just plain recommend it."

"I rediscovered the beauty of their music by listening to it as I read their interpretations. It's a great reminder of what the 60s and 70s were all about."

"This is The Definitive writing on The Moody Blues."

"I love this book but I was mesmerized by the section on "Their Sound" and Mike Pinder's magical instrument, the Mellotron.  It was like he had an orchestra at his fingertips!

Find out for yourself why this insightful and enjoyable book has become so popular!

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