A Word About Our Book From Mike Pinder of The Moody Blues

From the Foreword by
Moody Blues co-founder, keyboardist and vocalist Mike Pinder...

"It was very interesting to read Charles and Barbara Whitfield's interpretations of our music and message.

They suggest clear and useful ideas and ways for those who are newly exploring our music and for the many who have been on this journey with us from the beginning. 

I have always been interested in the broader qualities of music to inform, heal, raise consciousness and uplift. This was often on my mind when I wrote a song or painted the backdrop for others in the band with counter melodies and my Mellotron. 

In contrast to most observers of our music, I saw how the authors here delve below the surface and give us an enjoyable interpretation of our words and music. They examine essentially their every aspect. Not only do they address our lyrics from a scholarly and poetic perspective, but they offer us some insightful and sometimes surprising interpretations of them beyond what many listeners and fans may consider.

Music has changed our world.  It has the potential for reaching within, opening our minds and our hearts to the power of Universal Love. It transforms, strengthens, relaxes, teaches and enlightens us.

The Whitfields realize these truths and give us a strong base from which to experientially understand them. They integrate the many positive messages of our words and music by giving us a clear and constructive map of healing that is on the cutting edge of psychology, consciousness studies and spirituality.

Memories are also closely associated with music. I have always thought that we hang our memories on the shape of sound. With memorable melodies, counter melodies and instrumentation we were able to create soundscapes for many to hang the best memories of their lives. 

Those of us who remember the 1960s and beyond will appreciate their attention to the detail of our works and the history of how it all came about.

They show us how the Moodies have expressed, preserved and continue to remind us of the message and wisdom of the 60s by keeping it so alive. And how there was a natural spirituality that still lives in all of us and that is manifested in our descriptions of Love."

- Mike Pinder   March 2013

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