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Kundalini Research Network
Charles & Barbara are on the board of the Kundalini Research Network (KRN), an international group of health care professionals, researchers, scholars and individuals interested in the transformative power of Consciousness, known in the Yogic tradition as Kundalini.

The following is a brief introduction to this remarkable power that we all possess, written by board members of KRN.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a term from the yogic tradition for the power of the Divine. It is Kundalini who creates the universe and knows Its Self as Creator. Kundalini has been called the face of God. Just as we recognize someone by his or her face we recognize the Divine by Its power of Consciousness, Kundalini. It is Kundalini that clothes the formless in form, that gives the Absolute a face to adore, a presence to inspire, traditions to revere and a body of wisdom to serve and guide. She is the esoteric goal of all yogas, the awakened mind of the thatagatas and the transcendent vision of saints and sages. By knowing Her, all is known and life becomes suffused with ananda - sublime joy. The source of that joy is our very own Self, forever present, nearer than our breath, waiting in Stillness to be revealed. Drown the ordinary ego-mind in Stillness if you truly want to know the Knower.

--Lawrence Edwards, PhD 

Kundalini: The Need for Humility

Our reward for working through ego inflation (a "head trip" rather than an authentic "heart experience") and spiritual bypass (When we try to bypass or ignore the "lower" to get to the "higher levels" of consciousness) is recognizing and using the power of humility: the solid foundation of an authentically spiritual, healthy and whole human being. We can begin to define humility as having openness and willingness  to learning more about our relationship with our self, others, and God. Humility is not about groveling or being a doormat. Instead, it is a powerful attitude and state of mind that, when we are in the pain of conflict, opens us to more choices and peaceful resolutions.  Humility assists our ordinary ego-centered unawareness into a more expansive, alive and conscious awareness where we can live in and as our natural Soul. Having humility levels the occasional bumps in our Kundalini process.

--Barbara Harris Whitfield, RT

Click the link below to learn more about "Kundalini 101" from Barbara Whitfield from a chapter from her book, "Spiritual Awakenings"

A Common Problem to Realizing Kundalini: Spiritual Bypass

Some experience a degree of ego inflation. Others become grandiose and may get stuck. A way out is to work on ourselves over time psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. To believe we can be instantly healed through a religious or spiritual experience only -- is to attempt what we call a spiritual bypass. We try to bypass or ignore the lower to get to the higher levels of consciousness. Eventually, however, our false self will likely pull us back until we work through our particular unfinished business.

Other names for spiritual bypass are high level denial and premature transcendence.  It is seen in any number of situations, from being prematurely born again to having a spiritual awakening and focusing only on the Light, or focusing on psychic ability as a major part of our identity, to becoming a guru or teacher who exploits their students.

The consequences of taking a spiritual bypass are often active co-dependence or conflict,  including : 1) denial of the richness of our inner life; 2)  trying to control our self or others; 3) all-or-none thinking and behaving; 4) feelings of fear, shame and confusion; 5) high tolerance for inappropriate behavior; 6) frustration; 7) addiction, compulsion, relapse; and 8) unnecessary pain and suffering. (more about that can be found here)

If we live from our ego or false self, we may find it impossible to quiet down our inner life during meditation or any attempt at centering. We can only experientially quiet down and connect with God, each other and ourselves by developing our True Self-- living as our natural Soul. Ego inflation and spiritual bypass are more cognitive  intellectual experiences, or head trips. Being our True Self and connecting spiritually with God is more of a deeply emotional heart experience. 

--Charles Whitfield, MD

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