Don't miss this long-awaited, practical book by

 Dr. Charles Whitfield

This book addresses in detail the common Core Issues in Relationships, Recovery and Life, —how they come about and choices and solutions to use them to your advantage, heal and experience peace.

Use it to improve your current relationships, and/or to create better relationships in the future.

Core Issues Commonly Found in Relationships
that are Addressed in this book:
Needing to be in control
Difficulty trusting
Difficulty being real
How to handle feelings
Low self-esteem (shame)
Dependence versus Independence
Fear of abandonment
All-or-none thinking and behaving
High tolerance for inappropriate behavior
Over-responsibility for others
Neglecting my own needs
Grieving my ungrieved hurts, losses and traumas
Difficulty resolving conflict
Difficulty giving and receiving love

Based on over 35-years of clinical experience assisting people with addictions, trauma survivors and people with various problems in living, Dr. Whitfield describes how to identify and handle each core issue.
"I've read several books on how to work through problems in relationships, but this book is the most practical, insightful and applicable book that I have seen to date.  It is page after page of real-time issues and problems with down-to-earth suggestions that I can apply to my relationships right now.  Dr. Whitfield is speaking from a lot of experience of assisting lots of people with relationship difficulties (35 or more years if I remember correctly); he gets right to the point. I'm grateful to have this as a part of my tools for living."
                                                                                      --dlb, an independent reviewer.

 "You don't have to read through a bunch of fluff or filler in this book. Dr. Whitfield gets right to the heart of the matter and it is highly practical. I've never found such an immediately helpful book to help with my intimate and work relationships. Thanks for this, Dr. Whitfield."
                                                                                       --cr, a special education book reviewer

Dr. Whitfield lives and practices in Atlanta, GA. He has
been voted by his peers, since 1993, as one of the Best
Doctors in America. And has been a guest researcher
and consultant at the CDC since 1998.

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