An Important Financial Note about Our Latest Book

This is to answer the many inquiries we have received regarding if the Anthonys would profit in any way...
Publisher financial disclosure for our new book:  
Casey Anthony: What REALLY Happened to Caylee and Why Truth Matters 

Casey Anthony and her family get no money from the sale of our book on Casey's abuse and neglect of Caylee.

Our aim is to educate the public about child abuse and neglect using the Anthony trial as an excellent example.

Our  purpose in writing this book is to help ensure that no child ever again suffers the horrific fate that took Caylee's life.

From the  Afterword ... This tragic story is an opportunity for each of us to take what we have learned from the cruel death of one little girl, and use it to help prevent child abuse and neglect in all of its forms.

Charles and Barbara Whitfield
Muse House Press

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