Not Crazy: You May not Be Mentally Ill is NOW Available on Kindle!

Dr. Whitfield's Latest Kindle
So, if you have a Kindle, iPad or other "pad" device, you can download Dr. Whitfield's latest and practical help book in Kindle format in about two minutes, and it looks great on Kindle.  Depending on your device, you may be able to download Kindle for PC or Kindle for other devices. Check it out at, and then get this book today!
WHAT is this new book about?
Psychiatry today is not as advertised, as bestselling author Charles Whitfield describes in this scientifically accurate new book. It exposes the pseudo science behind modern biological psychiatry that misdiagnoses people who have painful emotional, psychological and behavioral symptoms as being “mentally ill” and then mistreats them with toxic psychiatric drugs that don’t work well or make them worse. Dr Whitfield blows the whistle on and names the culprits that promote bio-psychiatry for profit and control and explains why and how to avoid their mind- and body- manipulations. Most of these culprits are the “Bigs,” which include Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Insurance, Big Academia and Big Professional groups (as the American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness). Each of the Bigs promotes and supports the misdiagnosis and mistreatment of what they call “mental illness,” which Dr Whitfield documents is instead the painful effects of repeated childhood and later trauma, which he explains in some detail. Throughout he describes how this major problem has developed and how to heal from it. 

This is a powerful book, with powerful healing and hope: a must buy.

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