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Healing the Child Within
Dear Sir, (to Charles Whitfield, MD)

Your book "healing a child within" (sic) started my own quest of real recovery. For many years I tried so many methods but I just could not heal. Recurring depressions, feelings of low self-esteem persisted.


The book "Codependence" finally woke me up from my nightmare. I started to be aware of how I control and manipulate and was actually thinking I was helpful and caring like God.

Moving away from Codependency has liberated me ... I set boundary, I have more self respect and I start to have energy to do things in life. I suffered from symptoms similar to chronic fatigue for many years.

Finally your last stage of recovery is very Enlightening, very similar to what in Buddhism describes "Buddha Nature". When Buddha gained his full enlightenment, the first few words he uttered was: how amazing, in every being there is Buddha Nature.

The core of our being is an ocean of love, compassion and wisdom. It has been with us since time without beginning, but it was covered with stain, afflictions. And if we slowly remove afflictions, the core nature  will naturally shine and be revealed.

The activities of Buddha is like sunlight shining without discrimination, and we co-create with his light to remove the stain and allow our own nature to shine.

MC from Singapore



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