From Our Readers: The Answer is in Front of us

Thank you for your Book: The Natural Soul, it came to me at a very trying time in my life.

I had my open heart surgery (5 by-passes and a new valve replaced) Nov. 06, 2009, and while on the Operating table I had my out of body experience (OBE), and walked towards the light, journeying back thru my life. After my operation and during re-hab healing, I found that somewhere I had actually lost something very precious to me---my beliefs, my true spirit--- and now actually had a troubled soul. In so much that I became so introverted; everything was just slipping away from me. I could not keep my concentration and or focus on anything. I was searching for answers, answers that I now know were there right in front of me, and yet I could not see them.
Reading your book Barbara has given me a way back to my Spirit, and brought peace to my soul again. I will be forever grateful.

Your book The Natural Soul is a masterpiece of Spirit and Soul, Divine light and the Holy Spirit, all rolled into one. In reading it, I could now finally relate to my recent NDE/OBE.  It opened, and answered all the mysteries that had me out there searching for answers. I was lost in a state of confusion before opening your book!   I could not understand my anger or frustration, and had this heavy cloud hovering above me. In taking-in/reading every page, I felt the weight drift away, and be replaced by peace and acceptance. I was able to find my way back to me, and accept my own gift of Spirit.

For anyone who has experienced an NDE, this book is a must... a beautiful, insightful treasure.

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