Charlie and Barbara to Speak At Cannabis Conferences in Canada

Barbara and Charlie will be speaking at two medicinal marijuana conferences in Canada sponsored by Cannabis Life Conferences.

The dates are:

Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto May 13-14, 2017
They will also be promoting their book, The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana
To find out more, or to register see the following link:

Barbara Requests Your Help

Hi Everyone,

The Realm of Caring (RoC), a non-profit off shoot of The Stanley Brother’s Charlotte’s Web Medicinal Products in Colorado. RoC helps families who need cannabis medicine for their child who has a seizure disorder. They also partner with Johns Hopkins for research. So they are a worthwhile cause.

I am writing to tell you that my book The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana is being sold in their online store (link below.) And the proceeds go to them. So if you or someone you know is going to order the book, please have them click on this link and order it from RoC. It still is ordered from Amazon but the profits as I said are directed to them.

Thanks everyone,

Barbara Reminds: Attend the upcoming Cannabis Hemp Conference in July!

Barbara would like to remind you to attend the upcoming Cannabis Hemp Conference sponsored by Cambridge House International in Vancouver, BC., July 9 & 10 at the Westin Bayshore. 

Strengthening the Roots of Growth, Healing and Connection
Join us on July 9th and 10th at the Westin Bayshore to take part in cultivating a common ground for the future use of Cannabis both nationally and internationally. 

We are very excited to have Dr. Lumir Hanus, the ground-breaking scientist who discovered the
Endocannabinoid System, joining us as the Keynote Speaker for the conference. Also
speaking will be internationally-acclaimed author Martin A. Lee (Smoke Signals) who will
be presenting on the CBD panel. We are also very pleased to have Dr. Paul Hornby
joining us, a world recognized expert and scientist who has profiled over 15,000 different
strains using HPLC technology.

Our Panel Discussions Include:
  • Medicinal Use of Cannabis
  • CBD Discussion
  • Dispensary & LP Discussion
  • Cannabis Genetics
  • Sacred/Ceremonial/Historical Use
  • Cannabis Cultivation and Growing
  • Hemp Solutions (fuel, industrial use, nutrition, and textiles)
  • Cannabis and Lifestyle
  • Cannabis-Environmental Protection and Sustainability
  • Never before has there been such a wealth of information and research on the practical,therapeutic and medicinal uses of Cannabis, as well as a growing understanding and acceptance of Cannabis on the part of the general public.

    For more information visit:

Exploring The Medicinal and Spiritual Potential of Marijuana: An interview on Shrink Rap Radio

In March, 2016 Barbara Whitfield. author of "The Secrets of Medicinal  Marijuana: A Guide for Patients and Those Who Care for Them" was interviewed by David Van Nuys, PhD "Dr. Dave" host of the long-running show, Shrink Rap Radio.

You can listen to the interview via Podcast here:

You can view the transcript of the interview here:

Check out Shrink Rap Radio and all their other interesting and in-depth interviews here:

Unhooking From LIfe's Drama And Pain --ACA Presentation Slides

The Whitfields made several presentations at the 2016 ACA Convention in Redondo Beach, Ca.
The video below contains the slides she used during her talk, Unhooking from Life's Pain and Drama.


Book Review Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana by Culture Magazine Staff

By CULTURE Staff  /  
Aug. 5, 2015 03:42
The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana: A Guide for Patients & Those Who Care for Them
"Written for both the patient and doctor, Barbara Harris created a thorough guide to using cannabis medically, explaining how it works, how it can help to improve lives. The confusing aspects of the current medical cannabis industry, perceptions and stigmas. Then is a plethora of firsthand experiences, stories and studies to help us not only understand the plant, but to actually read details about doing amazing things for people. Harris finds an approachable way of exploring and explaining cannabis for the patient, the caregiver and for interested parties looking to learn. A captivating and well-written must-have book for any cannasseur."
A Book Review by Culture Magazine.
Here at CULTURE, our mission is to inform and entertain readers with the latest news and lifestyle trends of America's medical cannabis culture. You'll meet the people and discover the organizations on the front lines of the battle for sensible drug policy. You'll learn about the products and services at the heart of our industry.
See the magazine and article at the link below.


An Excerpt From Barbara's Book, The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana


“Sometimes just after one puff, patients’ pain scores will drop by something like 70 to 80%.”
Sunil Aggarwal MD, PhD 15

My first position in health care was in a hospital as a respiratory therapist in 1979. I was 36 and then went on to do home care for the dying. During this time I was published in nursing and respiratory care journals on a subject I coined as “The Emotional Needs of Critical Care Patients.” I was asked to teach on this subject at Nursing conferences and hospitals. Finally, I became a full time psychiatric researcher in the medical school at the University of Connecticut, a position I held for six years. I got to see and know how the system works.
The past medical model as I have understood and observed it, tends to elevate the opinion of the physician (the expert) automatically putting the patient in a passive role. The patient is forced into “behaving” so they can fulfill expectations.
I sadly observed psychiatry stop doing and teaching psychotherapy and instead suppressing symptoms with drugs and sometimes ECT (electro convulsive [shock] treatment). In concert with the pharmaceutical industry there has been a profitable alliance between physicians and drug companies that has blurred all boundaries. “Big Pharma” has infiltrated scholarly medical journals, medical conventions, and medical schools. The results continue to suppress any investigation of both 1) what symptoms mean and 2) how to help the patient find a new balance, or homeostasis, which “Holistic Health” calls for in body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, I have also observed many physicians accept this paradigm of suppressing symptoms with drugs as their norm and not trying to go deeper. They find a suitable name (a “diagnosis” or more accurately a label) for people’s problems, try to suppress their symptoms with drugs and believe their job is finished.
Reviewing what I just wrote above, I am still writing about the emotional needs of patients here in this book.

15 The Future Of Marijuana In Clinical Practice: Q&A with Dr. Sunil Aggarwal future-marijuana-clinical-practice

From Harris B  The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana, page 41

Click the Link Below to Buy This Book Today!



The Secrets of Medical Marijuana
A Guide for Patients and Those Who Care For them

By Barbara Harris RT, CMT

Description: This book has three related tracks:
1) For the patient who is interested in using medicinal marijuana to increase their appetite, decrease worry and stress, decrease withdrawal from opiates and other drugs, sleep better and more.

2) For the prescribing clinician and patient there is a thorough review of the clinical and prescribing information throughout this book’s body and rich Appendix -- and,

3) For the patient who not only may want any of these but who also wants to go deeper and see if there are any unrecognized issues that may be generating a physical problem or difficulties in their relationships with self, others and the God of their understanding.

Available on Kindle and in Print from


As a British psychiatrist, I enjoyed reading this new book.

I believe it will become an important bible for clinicians who may prescribe Medicinal Marijuana.

I was impressed by how well you balanced the scientific issues alongside personal reflections and the latest evidence-based clinical approaches to illnesses that can benefit from Medicinal Marijuana.

Ben Sessa MBBS (MD), B Sc, MRC Psych
Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacology Senior Research Fellow,
Cardiff University Medical School, Wales, UK

I like the fact that in this book you’re recommending marijuana not as just an anti-anxiety medication, but as a vehicle to help explore the underlying issues.

Bruce Greyson MD
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Virginia
School of Medicine


Barbara Harris provides an excellent resource that cuts through old myths and misinformation to give the reader her well-informed considerations for exploring the new world of medicinal marijuana use.

With the increasing number of states and countries legalizing marijuana for medicinal use comes the urgent need for reliable information and guidance on the positive uses of marijuana and the dangers as well.

Barbara writes from her personal and professional experience, generously sharing her great wisdom distilled from a lifetime of experience.
This is a great book for anyone interested in marijuana use, not abuse.

Lawrence Edwards PhD
Author of The Soul’s Journey

Please note that this book is not a book about abusing medicinal marijuana, or marijuana in general.  It’s not a book about “getting high.”  It was written with data-based and peer reviewed evidence specifically for those who use medicinal marijuana as an adjunct for the treatment of conditions for which it has been indicated and expands and clarifies information about the non-psychoactive properties of CBD (cannabidiol) which are also used for a growing number of problems and conditions.


The International Association for Near Death Studies

Barbara has participated in several television and audio interviews and has contributed articles over which the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) has kindly keeps track. 

You can also become a member of IANDS and/or buy IANDS journal, The Journal of Near-Death Studies from these links. 

Click the links below to see the page with the video, audio or article.

Near-Death Experiences: What Happens When We Die? 
This 7 minute video aired on a Fox News Atlanta prime time reportfeaturing two near-death experiencers plus Dr. Raymond Moody and a neurologist, Dr. Wendy Wright.  Pam Wedding, an experiencer from a drowning while white water rafting including a miraculous unexplained rescue and Barbara Harris Whitfield, an experiencer during complications after spinal surgery,  portray the conviction of those who have been in an altered state of consciousness often associated with near-death experiences.
Dr Moody asserts a supportive stance based on the thousands of documented cases he has reviewed while a skeptic position is adopted by Dr. Wright, a position that ignores the veridical evidence from NDE studies in presenting a materialist explanation of NDEs as a process of the dying brain.
This 58 minute, commercial-free video can be seen via the following web page... Life After Death. The program's chief narrator is retired physician and noted author, Dr. T. Lee Baumann.   Dr. Baumann describes how his interest in theoretical physics and subsequent research of near-death experiences led him to exchange the perspective of a skeptic and doubter to become convinced of the phenomenon's validity and the basis for it using a scientific approach.
The production also includes commentary by therapist and author, Barbara Harris Whitfield plus a nurse from Alabama, Linda Kuhn.  Ms. Whitfield shares from her extensive background researching and counseling individuals reporting NDEs.  Both women describe their near-death experiences and the changes in their lives following the transformative effects of the experiences.

2010 Conference Call Calendar

Monthly IANDS Groups Conference Call Schedule for the remainder of 2010 (IANDS members click here to download the available mp3 recordings of conference call guest speakers):
Tuesday, Mar 16 -- featuring 
When NDErs yearn to go back -- what are they really grieving for” with Barbara Harris Whitfield
Note: To be added to the email distribution list announcing these conference calls with telephone number and access code, send an email to  To access the mp3 file recordings of the guest speaker portion of the conference calls, IANDS members may click on this link... MP3 Recordings.

Journal of Near-Death Studies Vol. 26

Journal of Near-Death Studies Vol. 19

About IANDS:
IANDS’ purpose is to promote responsible, multi-disciplinary exploration of near-death and similar experiences, their effects on people’s lives, and their implications for beliefs about life, death, and human purpose. Where scholarship does not indicate a reasonably clear position on the origin or interpretation of these experiences, we remain impartial and open to the presentation of varying points of view; however, while all personal beliefs will be respected, IANDS is under no obligation to consider them all equally supportable. Whatever the viewpoint, IANDS never supports proselytizing.

An Atheist's Reunion: Barbara Interviewed by Boca Magazine

Barbara was interviewed by Boca Magazine along with several other individuals who live in Florida about her near-death experiences forty years ago.

Below is the transcript of her interview. You can also find the magazine and related articles under "Tunnel Vision" at

An Atheist’s reunion

Unlike Tatyana Richmond or Emile Allen (two others who were interviewed for this article), who had both pondered the existence of the divine prior to their NDE, Barbara Whitfield shut it out. For about half her life, she identified as an atheist. “I was abused as a child,” Whitfield recalls. “My mother was mentally ill and addicted to heavy drugs. I had a terrible childhood, and around 10 I decided there can’t be a God if I’m being treated this way.” Whitfield certainly didn’t believe we lived beyond our bodies, which makes her experience in 1975 all the more remarkable. In 1973, while living in Royal Oak, Mich., Whitfield had been pushed into a swimming pool. Her lower back snapped, and for the next two years, she was treated conservatively, with opiates and muscle relaxers. Tired of being constantly numbed, Whitfield eventually opted for a spinal fusion operation at Beaumont Hospital. It was expected to take two hours, but a fractured vertebra, undetected on X-rays, prolonged the operation to five and a half hours. Two days later, while recovering from the surgery, Whitfield, then 32, began to die from complications— specifically, internal bleeding caused by ileus, a disruption of the digestive tract. 

“I blanked out and woke up in the middle of the night in a hallway,” she says. “I don’t know how long I was unconscious. I went into a tunnel, though I had no words for it when it happened. My whole identity was up near the ceiling … it was like having an automobile and all of a sudden giving it up. “I went into blackness, and my grandmother was there,” she continues. “Time didn’t matter. It was eternity. I don’t know how long I was there, but it seemed like we were together for 19 years, because that was how long we had been together before she died—and we relived them.” Whitfield didn’t perceive her grandmother physically so much as feel her heart, her love. She says that her grandmother told her she would always be there, waiting for her.  Meanwhile, back on Earth, a medical team was busy saving her life through blood transfusions and a stomach pump. “This year it will be 40 years since the experience,” says Whitfield, now 71. “When I reflect back, it’s just as vivid as the week I had it. 

We’ve done research on this—10, 20, 30 years later, it doesn’t fade.” Indeed, Whitfield has become an NDE researcher, working with the InternationalAssociation of Near Death Studies—a career change bolstered by her time spent as a clinician for Mount Sinai in Miami, where she worked from 1978 to 1985 (an Atlanta resident now, she still has a seasonal home in Florida). Patients discussed NDEs with her, and she realized she wasn’t alone. She’s written several books about her experiences and the phenomenon in general—TheNatural Soul, Spiritual Awakenings and Final Passage—and has appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and other national TV shows, often sparring with debunkers. One appearance on “Larry King Live” was teased thusly: “Was she out of her body—or out of her mind?” “I don’t think we’ll ever have scientific proof, because there are too many people in the world that refuse to believe,” Whitfield says. Her belief system, of course, fundamentally changed, along with everything else in her life. Nobody wants to face the brink of death, but if there’s a theme connecting these disparate NDEs, it’s that the experiencers’ lives were forever altered, for the better. “I look back on it now, and am so grateful it happened to me,”

Whitfield concludes. “If I had continued on the path I was, I probably would weigh 300 pounds and be on a lot of psych drugs. Except for my children, the rest of my life was totally out of balance. It was a gift to get me back on the road to growth.”  

Our Website: New Address, Same Great Stuff!

To all of our friends,

Charlie and I have changed the domain name of our website and it is now a bit more like the address of our blog. 

Our new website URL is

On that website, you will find our books and other information directly related to us and our work. 

We are keeping this blog that you are now reading, as well, and it's URL will remain the same.

We enjoy hearing from all of you!

With all of our best,
Barbara and Charlie

A New Book Taking Us Through The Journey of a Victim Who Had an NDE and Became a Thriver

We recommend this book to all of our patients

This is the review we just put up on Amazon for an easy read that takes us though The Heroines Journey. It is well worth the read.
"Through Heaven’s Gate and Back speaks to all of us that have been abused as children.  Lee Thornton’s descriptions of the aftereffects of repeated trauma are not only true but explained in a way that the reader can take in. Her profound Near- Death Experience (NDE) and the subsequent aftereffects are also clear, heart felt and well written. She is definitely gifted in the way she expresses herself. And, it is rare to find a book so well written that has child sexual abuse and a life altering NDE under one cover.

We definitely recommend this book to our patients."

Charles L. Whitfield, MD 
Author of Healing the Child Within and Memory and Abuse

Barbara H. Whitfield, RT
Author of Spiritual Awakenings and The Natural Soul




Watch a video of Barbara telling her story of reuniting with her grandmother during an NDE

Click to watch a short video of Barbara telling her story of
reuniting with her grandmother during an NDE.

If you have trouble seeing the video, click this link:
Barbara tells her story of reuniting with her grandmother during an NDE

We Welcome Your Comments!


Barbara Will Be Presenting at The Following Conference

Universal Hall @ Findhorn
We Do Not Die.

A Conference on
Expanding Consciousness Through Near-Death and Other Mystical Experiences

Perhaps this life is just one perfect pearl on an endless and eternal necklace...

Special Event
26–29 September 2015

Fear and suffering is a common human experience no matter what our personal background, religion or spiritual practice. Where youth, beauty and success are valued above all else, such as in the materialistic culture found in today’s Western society, existential fears are driven below the surface.
Consumerism, addictions and obsessions become the coping mechanisms. Ancient and aboriginal peoples, however, had rituals to address and integrate the fear, meaning and understanding of death. For us today, the direct information brought back from people who have had near-death and out-of-body experiences can and does have an immediate impact on our lives. We are confronted with a new perspective from which to view our:
  • fear and suffering
  • purpose on a soul level
  • reason for our life's direction and relationships
  • self-worth and the worth of our existence
Don't Miss Barbara's Presentation!

Click Here to Learn More and Register!
We Do Not Die Conference at Findhorn

Barbara Telling Her NDE Story

See and Hear Barbara Telling Her NDE Story...


Barbara tells her story of her NDE and relates her experiences with Kenneth Ring, author of "Heading Toward Omega," the book mentioned below.


A Reader Comments...

"I have been a life-long seeker of answers (I'm in my 50s - but feel 18) and have always been influenced by Barbara's story. I still have my 1985 copy of 'Heading Toward Omega' and over the decades have referenced and re-read Barbara's part and marveled at what pure knowledge is contained in it. So I'd like to say "thank you' Barbara, for so bravely providing your truth to us all. Originally I wanted to contact you two to see whether or not the 'Omega' account was published to Barbara's satisfaction. Oftentimes in publishing and media people are misquoted or mis-represented and the public finds out much later that popular common knowledge of high-profile folks is sometimes practically mythical. But browsing your website I can see I have no need to ask this question! 

"Barbara, you and Charles have done wonderful things with your lives, and your truth has been presented in so many ways that there can be little doubt as to where you are coming from..... In any case - I just wanted to say I admire you guys, and am genuinely grateful that you welcome emails from those of us who have benefited from your lives and your efforts."

  • Thanks again

  • ANNOUNCING: NEW Updated & Expanded 2nd Edition Moody Blues Book!

    Timeless Troubadours: The Moody Blues' Music & Message UPDATED and EXPANDED Edition

    Due to the overwhelmingly positive (and sometimes painfully honest) responses by you, our readers, we’re proud to announce the release of the Revised and Updated 2nd Edition of our book the Amazon Best-Seller Timeless Troubadours: The Moody Blues’ Music and Message.   We want to say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to the many readers who care enough about the band, their music, and this book about them, to share their insights, correct a few inaccuracies and request that we expand to book’s scope to more fully cover the music of this brilliant band.  

    Introduction to the NEW Updated
    Expanded Edition

    With the feedback from our readers we expanded our first edition’s content. We have fixed the few errors and rare factual inaccuracies we had found.
    Several readers asked that we look at and make meaning about more of their songs. We have done that with three (see next page): ‘Question,’ ‘New Horizons,’ and ‘I’m just a singer’ (in a R&R band).
    Just after completing this book we went on their first “Moodies Cruise” and now include a summary of our experience there. We obtained the new Timeless Flight box set that was released three months after this book and listened to the CDs and watched its DVD video material. We also read their extensive accompanying “coffee table” sized book. We have read the many online comments on this box set and have included a relevant few of them in our 7 page review of this large box set.
    Some readers commented on our interpretations of the Moodies’ lyrics as not being the final word, which we had already acknowledged. We have always been open to others’ interpretations and even set up a website for readers to add theirs. We had never proposed that ours were the only understandings. We have also reflected on the lyrics the way they fit into our long experience helping people heal and healing ourselves. There is a great gift to knowing the Moodies’ message.

    Songs We Analyze
    To make for easier reading in this 2nd edition, in the table below we list the 39 songs and two poems that we analyze here and the pages to find each. We still refer to many of these and some of their other songs elsewhere throughout this book.    
    Chapter               Song Title
    Have You Heard 1, The Voyage, HYH 2

    from DoFP:  8 songs, 2 spoken poems: The Day Begins, Dawn is a Feeling, Morning: Another Morning, Peak Hour, Tuesday Afternoon, Evening: Time to Get Away, The Sunset, Twilight Time, Nights in White Satin, Late Lament

    to 20
    Out and In
    Eyes of a Child 1, Floating, Eyes of a Child 2
    Gypsy,   Lost in a Lost World
    And the Tide Rushes In,  You and Me
    The Voice,  No More Lies
    Say What you Mean 
    The Candle of Life
    The Land of Make Believe
    Say It with Love
    My Song 
    Lovely to See You

    Appendix    The Story in Your Eyes

                          One More Time to Live

                          English Sunset

                          Watching and Waiting

                          A Simple Game

                          The Actor

                          Legend of a Mind

    3 added        Question   

     In 2nd          New Horizons

     Edition         I’m Just a Singer (in a R&R Band)