A Reader Comments...

Dear Barbara,
Hello. My name is AJ, a 43 year old Muslim male, living in Manchester, UK.
I have read many books in my life, looking for God. In a single stroke of genius, Dr Whitfield's book 'Healing the Child Within' led me to God.  Recovery from Codependency is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I still have a long way to go, but CoDA cut short the long way round to God. Dr Whitfield's writings are almost Islamic sacred scripts from my perspective because of its free and universally appealing teaching.  No need to persuade or control or manipulate but just freely explaining away a universal truth, a spirituality.  The truth cannot be hidden and does not belong to any one religion or creed, it is free from such restrictions and sits above all else.
I just wanted to say 'Thank you'.  Thank you for all your efforts.  Even a few of us Muslims who are in major inner upheaval right now, appreciate you.  I would go as far as saying that if the Islamic world could read and understand co-dependency recovery, most of the conflicts and misunderstandings would be much resolved or eased.
I consider Dr Whitfield my Sufi master on my path to enlightenment and I would like to thank him for his work and his efforts. May God keep you and preserve you....
ps. If you are ever in the UK, please do pop up to Manchester for a coffee and a chat.

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