An Online Study of Extraordinary Experiences

Dear Readers,
I am posting this notice for anyone who might be interested in participating in an online research project conducted from Australia.  We are not affiliated with the project or university, but we are providing this link at the request of one of the researchers.
The project description: 

Researchers at Monash University in Australia is currently involved in a not-for-profit study and are seeking participants to complete an online study on their extraordinary experiences, including peak, mystical, spiritual, cosmic, transcendent, or other experiences. At the end of the study participants may also choose to take part in an interview.

We would appreciate it if you or anyone you know might have an extraordinary experience to share.

If you would like to participate in this study, please click this link. It will direct you to the survey website:

Kind Regards,

Tristan Snell.
Research Assistant - Monash University.

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Anonymous said...

Aloha Whitfields:
I am Lisa Ng Kelliher and my birth mother is Lucille Whitfield of Phoenix, Arizona. Perhaps we're related? I live in Kailua, HI now and am on Facebook or e-mail address is She and my father were briefly married in 1968 and divorced within a year. Dad is Chinese and birth mother Caucasian. They had extreme issues and she is bi-polar and my dad is 67 now, but still is an alcoholic and former womanizer who loves guns and being a chauvanistic person. Can you enlighten me about the human soul and the power to survive icky stuff? I had 12 years of cognitive therapy with William Tsushima, Ph.D. in Honolulu and it was the best learning experience of my life. At age 44, I am fine and understand Bradshaw's teachings and the cycle continuum, etc. Why is it some people can emotionally withstand so much hurt and pain while others crumble?