Please Visit Our New and Rebuilt Sites

Our friends,

We're moving down a path to modernize our website and to make it easier to find our articles, events, presentations, recordings and books.. Our old website and hosting service have served us well for many years. But, as times change, we must update our web presence in order to take advantage of newer technology that makes getting our message into your hands easier.

Our blog, where you are now, is still the primary place to see our latest articles, events and news, Our website at is a good place to view and purchase our books.  For our returning friends, you will notice that the website is a lot lighter, as most of our articles have been moved, over time, to this blog (look below in the blog archive to find our articles that have been archived over time.)

Our publisher's website also contains our books, our web-based presentations and the books from a few friends. 

As always, thank you for looking us up!

We remain yours,
Barbara and Charlie 

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