Kundalini Research Network Has a NEW FACE! Come See!

Hi everyone!

Charlie and I are board members of the Kundalini Research Network, an organization of professionals, scholars and researchers who publish research and experiences on this energy that is called by different names by different cultures, like Chi, Ruach Hakodesh, Holy Spirit, and others.

The organization now has a new, colorful, attractive and highly interactive website. On it and on its blog you will find recent articles by board members, and you can see our events, conferences and talks. You will also find a "Kundalini Primer" with definitions, explanations and a few prudent cautions for working with Kundalini in one's own life. You can find that on the site's Kundalini FAQ link.

Please stop by the new Kundalini Research Network's site and bookmark it!
Click below, and we hope to see you there!

Barbara and Charlie.


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