It is real, and it may be from our past: an important concept

 "There is no such thing as a spontaneous anxiety or an endogenous depression.

If a patient is anxious, there is something to be scared of. 

If a patient is depressed, there is something to be depressed about. 

If it is not in consciousness, then it is unconscious. 

If it is not in the present, then it is in the past and something in the present symbolizes it."
~ Bertram Karon, PhD


Anonymous said...


Your books and insights are incredible.

I'm grateful that you are here and that your work does so much to help so many.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Whitfield,

I've been labeled with many diagnoses throughout most of my life. Mostly "depression," "major depression," "dysthymic disorder," "bi-polar disorder" and so on.

And about the only thing that I got for it was being medicated into a non-functional stupor for decades. I "talked" with the psychiatrists and psychologists and a few therapists, but I haven't gotten any better. I got no insight to what's really wrong and what I can do about it. I've lost so much life to being "out of it" from the medications.

Your book is the first I've seen that echoes what actually happened to me around those people and it is a godsend that you blow the whistle on them and you offer may be another way to get better.

I'm going to talk to my doctor about it because I don't want to be medicated out of my mind any more. Thank you.