Barbara Talks About Her Powerful Upcoming Book: Victim to Survivor to Thriver: Carole's Story

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Barbara says about her upcoming book,  
Victim to Survivor to Thriver: Carole's Story
"I can feel Carole around me now. I believe she is back to help with this book.
I saw both the front and back cover on two separate nights at about 3 in the morning.Shortly after, my book designer made them exactly as I saw them. I had already written the chart a few years ago, but I saw it on the back cover in a reverie state. Carole was a graphic designer as well as a creative film editor. I know she designed the front and back and my book designer is just as talented so he was able to "pick it up."

"And while we were working on the designing of the book, we heard from one of the leaders of a CDC Study that my husband Charlie collaborated on years ago. At the back of Carole's book I had placed the results (so far) of that study at the time I wrote the book. "Coincidently," this physician sent us the newest conclusions and we condensed them for a new appendix. It's called "The Adverse Childhood Experience" Study or ACE Study. Carole use to say that she was the "poster child" for that study. The bottom line is that for those of us that suffered several ACEs as children, the prospect 20, 30 and 40 years later is a number of diseases and unhealthy behaviors (smoking, drinking, dangerous sports, etc) that lead to early death. The conclusions also showed that consistent exercise and releasing some of the buried emotionally loaded memories (in psychotherapy, telling our story to safe others, etc) releases the hold the ACEs have on us.

"Carole knew this and some of her story is about her working to release her buried emotions around her abuse. The last conclusion from the ACE Study is that health care providers seem to want to treat only the presenting symptoms instead of going to the underlying cause. And so the investigators conclude that research needs to be done on why the health care "industry" is so resistant to treating underlying causes.
This will be understood in a clearer way when we read Carole's story.

‘Don’t worry about yourself. You’ll be fine. Help other people.’”

"That quote from Carole has stayed with me for the 11 years since she transitioned. She was only 34 and died suddenly. I transcribed the TV show we were on so I could tell her NDE in this book I wrote about her shortly after her death. I needed to put her amazing story down so I could stop going over and over it in my head. I also asked for guidance if I was to bring the story back out and share it. That was 11 years ago.  Now, a few days before the 11th anniversary of her passing (Sept 1), I had a powerful sign -- a CMPE that was processed by Robert Perry. It told me it was time to share Carole's gifts with others.

"So now Carole is going to "Help other People" with her amazing story. She and I, two near-death experiencers who gave each other the love the way love was meant to be. Both of us are childhood abuse survivors and together we realize and experience forgiveness the way real forgiveness is meant to be -- it's not the head trip like we were taught about -- to believe in our heads that we must forgive others -- but a heart release where we let ourselves off the hook.

"I wrote about Love Echoes in The Natural Soul. Like a yodeler's voice bouncing off of mountain tops -- a Love echo bounces off of people's Souls. That's what Carole's story is now. Her life is a love echo that will help others to heal like she did.

Carole is going to "Help other people" just like she did when she was here in a body."

--Barbara Harris Whitfield

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