Barbara To Be Keynote Retreat Speaker

Barbara will be appearing at a retreat planned for January 7-9, 2011 on Hilton Head Island. She will deliver the keynote address on Saturday evening and will also provide workshops demonstrating and teaching an effective technique to reduce fear and anxiety on-the-spot.  

Barbara will be joined by her longtime friend and fellow NDEr, Sharon Cormier.  Sharon is a certified Yoga instructor with 35 years of experience. She will be teaching practical methods of relaxation, stress reduction using yoga, Breathwork, and meditation.
Barbara and Sharon have a long history of being subject matter experts on Near-Death Experiences and have appeared together on Larry King Live, Joan Rivers, and on the focus series, "Man Alive," by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.   Barbara has just released her latest book, The Natural Soul in the US, Great Britain and the European Union.

The theme of the retreat is Face Everything and Recover! meaning that when we choose to face our problems of co-dependence, and trauma head-on --rather than running from them-- we can recover from our own problems related to this pernicious and sometimes disabling disease and find better relationships with ourself, others and, if we choose, a Higher Power of our own understanding.

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Anonymous said...

Barbara, what a weekend we all experienced, the teachings, sharings and peace that was brought over me at this retreat is something that could not have been found anywhere else but on the beach in the middle of winter. You, Sharon, Donald, John, Al, Jackie, Ken, Michelle and all those that attended have been touched this winter and I will enjoy the interpeace I have taken with me for my remaining years.

I am ready to attend this retreat again next year! Thank you for taking the time to share so others can heal and recover.