Barbara Interviewed for The Biography Channel

Hi all,

I was recently interviewed for a special six-part series on A&E's The Biography Channel that explores  Near-death experiences. The show interviews not only NDErs, but also their attending physicians who were on-hand during the person's death and return to life.  I share my story and the research that I've done at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine  with Bruce Greyson and Kenneth Ring.

The series will air on The Bio Channel this Fall.

If you've ever wondered about Near-death experiences, what they are like and what the most up-to-date science about them says, then don't miss this show.  If you or someone you know has had an NDE, then definitely don't miss this show!



Jim T. said...

Dear Mam,

I read your NDE on In fact, I have read pretty much everything there is to read on that website and must say your story was by far the most compelling one that exists there. It was also one of the few written in perfect English from top to bottom. Just thought I'd let you know...regards...Jim

Barbara Harris Whitfield said...

Well, thank you very much Jim!

Barbara Whitfield

Pheatre said...

Dear Barbara,

I recently read your book The Natural Soul. I want to tell you that it has helped me very much. I am helping to care for my parents who are elderly and your book has given me great comfort. I come from a very dysfunctional family and you have helped me to be able to look at my life and FORGIVE! You have helped me to realize that things happen for a reason - too teach us lessons! I finally feel like I am healing! Thank You very much!


Jeremiah Gibbons

Pheatre said...

Hi Barbara, You are an inspiration of mine! I just read The Natural Soul about a month ago and it has been a great help to me as I'm trying to help my parents in their last days. I am from a very

dysfunctional family and your messages have really help me see that things happen for a reason and I finally feel like I am healing! You have sincerely been a blessing in my life so thank you very much!

You are indeed a friend :)


Jeremiah Gibbons

Barbara Whitfield said...

Dear Pheatre (Jeremiah),

Thank you for writing.

Helping one's parents through the dying process may give our Soul much material for It's own growth.

My parents died over 20 years ago and I still reflect on what happened. For my dad it almost felt like a celebration. And he knew it. He was tired of the pain of his old body and when his mother, who had been gone since he was 17 (he was now 77) showed up at the foot of the bed he was full of loving emotion. Up until that moment, he never wanted to know about my near-death experience or anything else about death and dying. I could feel her presence too which was wonderful because she had died before I was born and I am suppose to look like her.

We will shortly be putting up on this blog a half hour video of my interview with Fox News here in Atlanta. It has been shown to others who are in the dying process with success for giving them comfort. Perhaps you could show this interview to your parents.

I wish you the best!

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