Barbara Talks Soul Talk: How Often Can A Soul Move Across The Veil?

When I worked at the medical school at the University of Connecticut in the late 1980s, I was invited by a committee (not by the head priest) from a Catholic church to come and speak on our research into Near-Death Experiences.  This took place in a small Connecticut shore town.  A few weeks before the talk I was told that the head priest was against my coming and would not allow the talk to be given in the large sanctuary of the main church.  The committee decided to go ahead with my talk, and hold it in the recreation building.  (Back in those days this was not the first time one of my talks was “displaced.”)

Over one hundred people showed up for my talk and sat on folding chairs.  For the first 45 minutes I described our basic research and then, as often happened, we stopped for a 20-minute coffee break.  Then I continued until all the questions were answered.  During the coffee break, five or six people came up to me and in low voices told me about visitations from a loved one who had died.  I also heard two stories of encounters with angels. These were normal healthy people.

I took a few notes and when we returned to the talk (with the permission of the tellers and without giving away their identity) I told what I had heard during the break.  I then asked for a show of hands of adults who experienced some kind of visitation from “the other side,” either a transitioned loved one or an angel.  With a roar of laughter, almost half of the audience of over a hundred raised their hands.

The question and answer period with lots of participation from the audience lasted for another hour and a half.  It appeared that they too were experiencers of visitations from across the veil, and their interest and participation helped me answer some wonderful questions.

I ask this question now at other talks I give and I get about the same percentage of hands and the same roar of laughter.

Have you experienced some kind of visitation from “the other side,” either a transitioned loved one or an angel?
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I tell this story and others in The Natural Soul and in Spiritual Awakenings

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