Barbara Talks About Synchronicities and Little Miracles

Many of us didn’t have a dramatic Spiritual experience that awakened us. Many awakened through the grace of synchronicities. We started to pay attention to something deeper and quieter that was sending us a wake-up call.

Synchronicities tweak us into remembering that there is more going on than our egos are willing to believe. When enough of these incidents create a thread of continuity, these “meaningful coincidences” become synchronicities. I turn on the radio and the words in the song are speaking to what I was just thinking about. I think of one of my children and the phone rings. Guess who?

I think of these as "Cosmic Postcards."

When I worked in research, the Near-Death Experiencers I interviewed told me about their synchronicities, and I would share some of mine with them. We ended the interviews with bright red cheeks and sparkling eyes. There’s something so magical about something happening that is against all odds --all intellectual odds that is.

As I move even deeper into my authentic self, my Soul, I let these synchronicities come in and move on without telling anyone anymore because they really are hard to relay. In a momentary flash something comes in that is so meaningful to what is going on that it seems to pierce our hearts. We suddenly are paying attention to the Universe and how it weaves into our ho-hum life. I smile, say a quick “thank you” and go on.

"Little Miracles"

A few years ago, Charlie spoke at a conference in Las Vegas at the same time Steve and Barbara Rother were having a Spiritual gathering on the other side of town. I skipped one morning’s meetings and left the Las Vegas Hilton in a cab. By the time I got to this other meeting, my cab fare was extremely high. The meeting I went to that morning was all about little miracles. The premise was that we shouldn’t ask God for anything specific. All we need to do is be willing and then have the awareness to see little miracles when they occur. We heard wonderful stories. When it was over the other nine people that were there exploded into what can only be described as pure joy. As we were getting ready to leave, a woman offered to drive me back to my hotel as she put her jacket on. It was a great looking satin baseball jacket and the emblem on the front said, ‘Las Vegas Hilton.’

“Where am I taking you?” she asked.
“To the Las Vegas Hilton!” I said laughing.

There are too many hotels to count in Las Vegas. This might not be considered a miracle, but it definitely got our attention.

I recently wrote the foreword for Robert Perry’s new book about synchronicities. Perry’s book explains a detailed model for identifying meaningful coincidences and allows us for the first time to get a deeper understanding on the potential usefulness of paying attention to synchronicities. They may have more messages than we realize and this book shows how to listen in a deeper way.

Do you have stories of synchronicities, little miracles or, “meaningful coincidences” that you would like to share with us?  Please share them with us here.  Click the "Comments" link, below to start.



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